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May 29, 2020

Business Travel Tips

Business Travel Tips

Lady in long coat with her rolling wheeled suitcase walking along a paved street

Invest in a good set of luggage

If you are going to be travelling regularly there is no substitute for a quality leather weekend bag or cabin bag with wheels.  There is nothing worse than running for your train and your handle snaps or you’re caught in a downpour and everything is soaked.  Look at the reviews from other uses to make sure it is going to be suitable for your needs.

Bring sleeping aids

Our top business travel tips with a Lady in unicorn eye mask and drinking hot drink on her corporate break

This is one of our most important business travel tips. Pack ear plugs, an eye mask and anything else that might help you to sleep.  Getting used to sleeping away from your usual smells, sights and sounds can be hard.  It can be even harder to function the next day with only a couple of hours sleep.  Choose quality accommodation and take anything you might use to improve your sleep.  This could be a hot water bottle or favourite fluffy pyjamas.

Comfort food

Pack your favourite snacks – they help keep morale up after a hard day on your feet at a conference or being stuck in traffic for hours.  Here in the UK we love a cup of tea, remember your favourite tea bags and help bring a little piece of home to your trip away.

Travel size everything!

Add travel size everything to your Christmas and Birthday list. Keeps your packing easy – no need to remember to grab your shampoo from the shower before leaving home. Have a spare toothbrush, hairbrush and other essentials in your travel bag ready to take.

Tech Connected

Laptop with external hard drive for use when travelling for business

Buy an extra phone and laptop charger (or ask if you can have one purchased on expenses) so you do not have to remember to pack them on each trip.  Bring an external drive and a portable phone charger for when you are on the move.

Eat Local

Eat local and enjoy the different food choices, the local stories and history of the area where you are staying. Have some cash and a spare credit card.  There is nothing worse than popping to the local pub for meal to find your company credit card says ‘no’. 

Sight Seeing

Sight seeing is a must, you might never have the chance to visit that part of the world again. Even if it is a regular trip there are sure to be undiscovered places and sights you have not seen or experienced before.


Photo of a phone photo of a tunnel idea for your social media posts

Take lots of photos.  Your breakfast, an historic building or just a stunning sunset. Add some to your Instagram and tag/check in. 

Keep up with the expenses

Take photos of any receipts straight away – they can so easily vanish when you are packing/unpacking. There is a great free app to help you called Expensify. Photograph your cars mileage after each journey, it’s much easier than trying to remember or not being able to get the exact route on Google maps.

Mind and Body Care

Take your running/walking/swimming gear.  Explore the area, paddle in the sea, jog through the woods or walk around the local park.  The exercise will take your mind off work and leave you feeling more refreshed. It’s a good idea to take your phone if exploring a new area, Google can then help you navigate back to your accommodation should you get lost. See our top tips to help improve well-being when travelling for work.

Now you have everything packed and ready for your corporate break find some fantastic apartments, cottages and quirky places to stay on your next business trip.

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